Active Life Stories:
Video & TV programs


Active Life Stories seek to debunk the myths of aging--
such as all old people are sick or cranky or inflexible. They're not!

Our programs show how people in their 70s, 80s, and 90s are continuing their careers, starting new activities, exploring alternative life styles, and generally living life to the fullest within their capabilities.

Active Life programs are broadcast on
the Manhattan Neighborhood Network in NYC

for information contact:
Shirley Joel
Executive producer- Active Life Programs


Streaming video of current active life programs: (please click)


Recent Active Aging Programs
(watch for streaming video of these programs coming soon!)

**It's a Laughing Matter: Seniors at the Educational Alliance in New York do "Laughter Yoga" for fun and better health.
**Food for the Soul: A seventy-something entertainer uses music and cooking to delight residents at senior apartment complexes.
**A Mime is a Terrible Thing to Waste: Mime Richmond Shepard, now in his seventies, shows off his talent and new experimental theatre.
**Tai Chi in New York's backyard: Seniors and others do their daily Tai Chi routines in the Queens Botanical Garden.
**The Glad Hatter: A retired accessories buyer becomes a successful millinery designer.
**Tennis Anyone? Octogenarian tennis players still in the game.
**Keeping Score, Men Aging Actively: Former high-powered businessmen put their skills to work helping young businesses.
**Showman or Salesman? A noted, seventy-seven year old municipal bond salesman returns to early show-biz roots.
**The Art of Aging: The new art works of older people showcased in a New York gallery.
**Life After Life: How a famous Life photographer kept shooting well into his eighties.

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